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Art and Play the real story

French Mum of 2 littles creative girls with a fashion designer background I’ve always seen life as a creativity time.

If you don't believe me just ask my husband !

I’ve always been into fashion and design worlds and always think about esthetic. It all started one morning in Paris with my husband heading to work when I suddendly saw an adorable and enormous ladder inside a garbage. I looked at my husband and told him « I want it now ». You should see me with my 12 high heels and him in suits carrying a 3 meters ladder from the street to our tiny appartement. At that time i didnt know what to do with it but I was certain that I will use it as a piece of decoration. Now that i have kids it is even worst : I keep e-very-thing: boxes, tissue, sand, shells, leaves, pine cones ... knowing that is will become a SUPERBE source of inspiration for kids to learn and create.


My idea is to open this ability to create and continue to encourage creative exploration throughout early childhood all the way through high school. This is how we will raise creative thinkers who see other points of view, take risks, envision solutions, embrace diversity, value art and esthetics, and innovate.

The famous ladder that becomes a ''life tree'' we decorate for any kind of events like easter, halloween,  chinese new year...

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